Stuffing everyone in the same uniform limits their self-expression and their ability to be creative with their outfits on a daily basis. Subjecting anyone to this conformity can prove to be boring over time, especially when we’re talking about influential individuals.

There are streetwear brands who go to extremes in order to come out with new clothing, new designs, and really pushing the limits of previous fashion in order to bring more of that unique creativity to the market. While others are releasing the same basic clothing that lacks excitement and simply blends in with everything else on the market that is comparable.

Innitiwear has been able to get it just right, walking the fine line between blending into the background and being visually overwhelming.
Somehow, this brand has managed to make both men and women’s streetwear fashion that refreshes the market and tastefully draws attention to the clothing.
Innitiwear Streetwear shop
Designed by a small Latina woman with big ideas, these clothes are sure to leave a lasting impression. With the vibrant colors that are featured in the clothing and the bold patterns, anyone wearing articles of clothing from Innitiwear are sure to attract the right kind of attention.

Utilizing inks and materials that are OEKO-TEX certified, any potential buyer can be sure that they will be getting quality clothing when they invest in this company. Not only are these clothes excellent statement pieces to add to any wardrobe, they're also eco-friendly and will make you feel good about your decision to go through with your purchase.

For those who are not only looking to support small businesses, but also women owned businesses, this is a great place for you to start. Your decision to support Innitiwear will leave you feeling proud of your choice to invest in an eco-friendly, small female owned business, but it will also leave you stylish!
Although this company is a great place to look for a few statement pieces that will spice up your current wardrobe, there are also articles of clothing here that have more muted colors, but still possess the unique design that you will come to expect from Innitiwear.

You will be able to find anything from tops and bottoms for both genders, to lingerie and bodysuits for women, to masks, along with other accessories with this brand, leaving no stone unturned. 

While there are some cool designs that focus on being abstract and colorful, there are also designs that are more symmetrical and feature a specific design or theme such as dragons or samurais. There are also some pieces that feature a simple yet cool geometric design.

One of the website’s interesting and helpful features is the blog articles that provide advice for how you could dress for certain events, or simply keep you up to date on the new things that are happening within and surrounding the brand.
These conversational and approachable blog articles are sure to keep your attention while also cluing you in on whatever you may have questions about, so long as the topic relates to the website.