Whether you want to vibe in Streetwear or something loud for Earth Day, we got you! At Innitiwear, our Eco Friendly section has the perfect fits to celebrate Earth Day as they are made from non toxic ink and  OEKO-TEX certified materials.

Dueling Dragons

Dueling Dragons innitiwear

The design represents good vibes, balance, strength, and good luck with bold colors and a comfortable fit. While also having the mirror image of yin and yang, as water and fire, light cannot exist without darkness, it completes a sort of balance in the world. On the back there is a sudden change from brightly bold to strongly bold. A samurai sword under the Japanese word Strong. This fit has the design to turn heads at festivals.

Lost in Time

 Lost in Time Innitiwear

This fit has a colorful prismatic warp touch that carnival lights and stage effects compliment. The warps come from sudden darkness to bright color schemes moving outwards like the waves from a water droplet. 

Golden Ghost Samurai


This samurai fit has a textured background with complimenting designs. The combinations of gold and white give off a royal and noble look and appeal. You are guaranteed to get positive attention and compliments wearing this drip as you walk around feeling like a true warrior with golden swords. And if you are more into the darkside, check out the Dark Ghost Samurai.

Royal Smoke

Royal Smoke Innitiwear

The design where the royal color pops out, purple. It has a drifty swirly touch with a mesmerizing effect. Perfect for the dancefloor and the carnival's colorful theme, while being eco friendly at the same time.

These are just a few of the many outfits you can wear to the Carniroll festival to celebrate Earth Day. There are many more designs to choose from and many more to be designed.  Feel free to check out the reels @innitiwear showing the designs coming to life.