Kandi Raver

These ravers have been around since the 90s wearing Kandi ornaments from necklaces, bracelets, headgear, and more. They usually have lots of bracelets and give them out to old and new friends they meet at raves. Kandi ravers wear colorful clothes and usually have a backpack filled with stickers, candy, and toys. In the 90s they usually wore phat pants or bell bottom jeans, nowadays they've gotten more creative with Kandi gear and have created skirts, bras, and more out of Kandi.

Glitter queen

Rave clothing innitiwear

These raver queens  will come covered in glitter and diamonds. They dress in sexy sequin rave outfits, have glitter makeup, and holographic boots, bikinis, and bodysuits. Their fit may also have a theme such as mermaids, stars, aliens, and fairies all with sparkles. They are sure to stand out and glimmer the night.

Cyber Raver


Alternative fashion innitiwear

Aka cybergoths. They implement cyberpunk, goth, rivithead, and rave into one aesthetic. Cybergoth apparel insists of cyberloxs, corsets, leg warmers, spiked or light up gas masks, combat boots, neon colors, latex, cyberpunk designs, reflective materials, glowing optic fibers, studs, and spikes. Unlike other goths, cybergoths music genre is techno. Such as industrial, EBM ( electro body music), and aggrotech.

New Raver

Just like the name says it, a new raver, someone who is new to the rave scene. So they come in as if they are going to the club. The first timer will very likely be astonished and amazed as they experience their 1st rave. At times they feel lost, but our fellow ravers will make it easy for them and guide them to relax, enjoy the experience, and have fun.

Old School Raver

Old school ravers have been raving since most of us were still in diapers. They've been raving since the early 90s when DJs played at illegal events, warehouses, and clubs. They jammed to acid techno, gabber, hardcore gabber and breakbeat, and post industrial. They wore phat pants, bell bottoms, neon colors, tie dye, bucket hats, and boiler suits. Now matter how much the rave scene has changed, old school ravers still have love for the rave community.

These are just some of different types you'll see at festivals and edm events. But no matter how you choose to express yourself, show the love to the community because diversity is what makes everything unique and special.