Just off the coast of Fujairah, about an hour and a half’s drive from Dubai, lies Snoopy Island; a destination known for not only its beautiful coral reefs, vibrant marine life, and white sandy beaches - but also for its extravagant raves organized by Snoopy Beats.

Notorious for creating elaborate and immersive themed rave experiences, the organizer’s next upcoming event is called “Snoopy-Con” and will bring thousands of ravers to the island to experience a two day superhero party of a lifetime. More than just a rave though, organizers have called the event “the ultimate shakedown to reclaim our home”, asserting that Snoopy-Con will serve as a platform to deliver a more meaningful message about taking care of the environment and climate change.

Taking place the first weekend in November of this year, the superhero themed festival will feature world-class DJ’s, reusable plastic-free cups, and breathtaking views across the Indian ocean. It is also rumoured that promoters will be giving away free t-shirts made of recycled plastic; the perfect trendy souvenir to accompany guests’ superhero themed Rave Clothing.

A One of a Kind Experience

Event organizers, Snoopy Beats, prides itself on curating getaways that fuse themed productions, nature, and music to deliver a one of a kind experience for festival goers. Bringing together renowned DJ’s from around the world, attendees are encouraged to get out of the Dubai bubble and get in touch with their natural surroundings.

DJ LineupSince 2017, Snoopy Beats have organized other blow-out events like Space Island, Skull Island, Carnival Island, and Zootopia - all of which had its own unique story told with the help of mesmerizing beats from DJ’s across the EDM spectrum. With both the Indian Ocean and the Hajar Mountains serving as a backdrop, guests at Snoopy Island get the best of both worlds: the ultimate rave experience in a beautiful natural environment.


Taking place on November 1st and 2nd of this year, both returning and new guests can definitely expect something spectacular at Snoopy-Con.

All for a Good Cause: Climate Change

In contrast to previous events organized by Snoopy Beats, this time around organizers want attendees to think about a cause that’s greater than themselves: climate change. Recognizing that their own beloved tropical paradise is directly impacted by the threat of climate change, organizers want attendees to be aware of the impact that human actions have on the environment.

In the event’s promotional page, Snoopy Beats passionately expresses:

“Everywhere you turn these days, it seems that the world is heading deeper into its own demise. Pollution and waste are increasingly sounding the alarm on the destructive effects of climate. More so than ever before, Snoopy Island is literally feeling that heat”.

The organizers go on to say:

“In an effort to revive our sanctuary, we are calling on all forces, good or evil, to unite and save our beloved world of wonders”

That’s where the superhero theme comes in - ravers are invited to unleash their inner-super powers and become “the difference that restores that balance in our universe”.

Snoopy Beats aims to use its platform and environmental message to help educate people about environmental sustainability. It is also rumoured that drinks will be served from plastic free, reusable cups; helping to reduce the event’s environmental impact.

The Talent

The event is a rave, after all, and the talent lineup is nothing short of incredible as well with five distinguished DJ’s taking the stage.

First on the list is Italian born artist, DJ Tennis. Also a chef, restaurant owner, and producer, DJ Tennis is known for his ability to create intimate moments in even the largest of crowds. He will be joined by Berlin-based electronic music artist, Caleesi, whose diversity in styles and ability to build tension slowly will bring much needed depth and girl power to the weekend.

Next in the lineup is up and coming artist, Jimi Jules, from Zurich, Switzerland. Known for being part of the duo that brought the smash-hit, ‘Pushing On’, Jules will add lots of groove, personality, and soulful vibes to the atmosphere. Dubai-based Hoolz and techno and minimal producer, Maks, round out the list of talent; giving guests plenty of variety of sounds to dance the night away.

Getting Creative with Rave Clothing

What is a festival goer meant to wear to an eco-friendly, superhero themed rave? In addition to a free, recycled plastic t-shirt that everyone will receive, attendees are also invited to get creative and don their very best superhero themed Rave Clothing - enabling them to become their own heroes in the fight against climate change. Between the positive vibes, good music, and messages of hope for a sustainable future, Snoopy Con is bound to make a solid impact in the global push to halt climate change.