In the past years Desserts Hearts Festival has been celebrated at Los Coyotes Indian Reservation, but 2022 brings us a new chapter in which the festival takes place at Moreno Beach, a much bigger beach. There will be more amenities, lots of campsites, and a beautiful massive lake where you can dip your toes in as you sunbathe. What can you expect and how can you  prepare yourself for the new spot?


Lake Perris can get pretty hot during the daytime, as high as the 90s, but it also gets very chilly at night and it gets as low as 40 degrees. Be prepared by bringing comfortable, breathable rave clothing for the day and warm snuggly clothing for nightfall. Afterall, one of the best parts of going to a festival is dressing up for it and expressing yourself.

Phone Service

Since you are out reconnecting with mother earth, cell phone reception can get inconsistent. If you have your tickets in digital form, be prepared to take screenshots of the tickets barcode so that you can access the venue in case you don't have an internet signal.



There are more camping spots at the new location for RVs at the new location. From premium, gold, and silver, they all have access to picnics, grills, bathrooms, and showers. Although be prepared to know that not all the camping spots have full hookups, only premium, so don't forget to bring towels, chargers, and any other camping necessities. Although campfires are not allowed, every spot has plenty of space for all of your camping activities.


Desserts Hearts Festival is bringing a lot more activities and entertainment. There will be lots of artists displaying their artwork, hosting artistic performances, creating art, or bringing interactive art displays for you to experience.  While you can dwell in the many forms of artistic expressions, you can also check out the healing sanctuary. Here you can relax your soul with the healing frequencies from sound healing, recharge your aura with crystals, and release stress with reiki, and many more. There will also be many workshops to extend your knowledge and fill your curiosities. Take yoga classes, watch presentations, and many more. 


Leave No Trace 


Mother earth has given us beautiful land where we can come together to experience life, and we must do our part to take care of the land. Come prepared with little trash bags to keep your trash off the land, bring a reusable bottle as there will be water stations free to use, recycle bottles or cans near the stage, or you can Pack it in, Pack it out, like previous events.


With this acquired knowledge your experience at Desserts Heart Festival will be amplified. Arrive with an open heart and mind and prepare yourself for an artistic immersive experience.