Make sure you meet the covid safety requirements

Some countries require that you are fully vaccinated and have proof to show it, otherwise they will deny you entry. Though you are not always required to be vaccinated, some ask for you to be tested some time before traveling.

Have travel insurance

You can never be too prepared! You may never know what can happen last minute and for whatever reason you can no longer make it. For 4%-12% of your trip cost you can get your refund and will be glad that you didn't lose hundreds or thousands on a plane ticket you didn't use.

Plan your outfits

Check the country's weather. While it may be winter here, it may be spring or fall somewhere else. This will help you plan out your rave outfits so you can dress up vibrantly and comfortably.

Give yourself time

You will need time to plan, research the country's culture and currency, and check if you have everything you need. This can be your festival tickets, outfits, passports, IDs, and visas. As well as coming traveling a few days earlier so you can get settled in, comfortable, and familiar with your surroundings. 

When researching the country’s culture it is helpful to know a bit of their language, customs, and etiquette. Some things that are considered normal here can be seen as rude behavior over there, such as tipping or certain hand gestures. The locals will greatly appreciate your efforts in learning their language and customs, and it is a great way to make new friends.

Know where you’re staying

When picking a place to stay during your visit you may need to consider transportation, the distance from the festival, and accommodations. That way it makes it easier on you to get to where you need to go, accommodate yourself, and explore. Google maps is a helpful tool for this as you can see every detail of a location when you change the map type into satellite, that way you will know how the buildings and streets look like before going there.

You can never be too prepared

Bring extra clothes, emergency cash, and know how to contact your nearest embassy or consulate.

You never know when a wardrobe malfunction may happen, so having a set of extra clothes can help you out tremendously.

Sometimes there are shops that do not take credit cards, so you will need some cash at hand in their local currency.

The embassy or consulate is there for you in case of a huge emergency. When you register with them your government will know where you are. Knowing where they're at and how to contact them is a good idea or you can enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program.

Hopefully these tips will help you be more prepared for your next magical journey to festivals abroad.