Bonnaroo Festival, the iconic music and arts festival held annually in Manchester, Tennessee, is a dream destination for many music lovers and festival-goers. As you prepare for Bonnaroo 2024 from June 13-16, here are essential tips to ensure you have an unforgettable and smooth experience on The Farm.

Prepare for camping

Camping at Bonnaroo is an adventure in itself, offering a unique sense of community and freedom. If you are going to camp in a tent prepare for up to four days of camping, start by gearing up with a durable, waterproof tent, a comfortable sleeping bag rated for various temperatures, and a sleeping pad for added comfort. Additionally, bring a canopy for shade and folding chairs for relaxation. Staying hydrated and well-fed is crucial, so carry a large water container to refill at water stations and pack non-perishable snacks and easy-to-prepare meals. Take advantage of showers available at most plazas for a small fee and use nicer trailer bathrooms instead of relying solely on portable toilets. Always have a basic first aid kit for minor injuries or ailments as well as power banks to recharge your phones.

The Bonnaroovian Code

Living by the Bonnaroovian Code enhances the festival experience for everyone. This code includes several core principles: Prepare thoroughly for your trip, considering travel logistics and packing essentials, and be ready for the weather variability of the Tennessee countryside by bringing clothing such as crop tops for the hot days and jackets cooler nights. Foster a sense of community by helping your neighbors, sharing resources, and creating a supportive environment. Embrace a positive attitude and be kind to everyone you meet, as this positivity is contagious and makes The Farm a better place for all. Take care of the environment by recycling, composting, and ensuring your campsite is clean, leaving no trace behind. Be considerate and mindful of others, enjoying yourself without compromising the experience for those around you. Finally, carry the Bonnaroovian spirit with you beyond the festival, spreading kindness and positivity in your everyday life.

Pace Yourself and Savor the Journey
reusable water bottle

Staying hydrated and eating regularly at Bonnaroo is crucial, even if it means missing a performance. By prioritizing your hydration and nutrition, you'll have the energy to enjoy many more acts throughout the festival. Pack healthy snacks to keep your energy levels up and bring a reusable water bottle to use at the water stations, ensuring you stay hydrated throughout the event. Self-care is vital, as taking care of your physical needs will enhance your overall experience and allow you to fully immerse yourself in the festival’s offerings.


Being prepared for Bonnaroo 2024 will ensure you have an unforgettable experience at this iconic music and arts festival. By gearing up properly for camping, staying hydrated, and eating well, you can enjoy the unique community and freedom that The Farm offers. Remember the Bonnaroovian Code and pace yourself to fully immerse in the festival's vibrant energy and make the most of your time at Bonnaroo. With the right preparation and mindset, you’ll create lasting memories and carry the spirit of Bonnaroo with you long after the festival ends.