Although China's situation had warned us about what was going to happen, we are now currently experiencing the consequences of not paying enough attention to what has been happening around the world. According to statistics, the amount of confirmed cases around the world has reached 5.011.467 people, while the number of people who have died 328.368. Both numbers are increasing every day, as well as the number of people who are now 'recovered' from the disease, with more than 1.908.581 people.

Although it is possible to overcome the disease, it is known that the virus can reactive within our bodies; therefore, total recovery is still far away from happening, as well as a vaccine. All we can do right now is to follow the preventive norms that authorities from our countries have told us, and hope for the best. 

Some countries have been more flexible when it comes to preventive measurements, but it feels like they're not paying enough attention to what is happening. One example of this is the USA, where more the amount of people that are currently dealing with the disease is the biggest in the world, with most of the cases being from New York. 

Due to the current conditions, we're now 'stuck at home'. The lockdown is changing the way we live in ways we didn't imagine until we saw the tragedy happening. From the way we relate to others to our dressing habits, everything has adapted to a world where we must remain at home to avoid the tragedy to keep worsening. 

Fashion shops are now different, and they will remain that way during a long time

Everything is adapting to a world where being at lockdown is necessary. Everyone's needs have changed drastically, and fashion isn't an exception. These times, it is necessary for people to wear masks to go out; some decide to use gloves as well. It feels like this new kind of clothing is becoming a trend, with different people adapting the necessary face masks to their clothing style such as shirts and dresses with cowl neck masks.

When a customer's needs change, stores must start making products that fit those necessities. With the pandemic going on, fashion stores are now different. A few months have passed since the lockdown started, we're almost half-way through 2020 and there aren't signs of things going to change any time soon. Due to the previous statement, it is important for clothing stores to adapt to the new kind of customers they're dealing with.

There are certain facts we can't deny. Many economic sectors have suffered the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, including fashion. According to many sources, this category will be one of the most affected in the long-term. The summer collections have already been lost, and we don't know what will happen in autumn. A long time will pass before the fashion industry recovers from the great punch that coronavirus has given to it.

Rave clothing will very likely become a trend during the next months

LED Face MaskPeople are adding whatever comes to their minds to their 'lockdown fashion style'; therefore, many kinds of face masks have been seen around the world. However, this trend isn't new because many fashion styles, especially some kinds of gothic and  cyberpunk, have been using masks since their first appearance. Really bizarre designs can be seen under these fashion styles, and they have gotten cooler over the years, with many new  rave clothing trends appearing every year.

Some people have added some amazing features to their masks, for example, LED lights. However, this is something that has been seen before with the  cyberpunk clothing style, but it’s kind of amazing seeing how creative people have been getting thanks to the lockdown. 

These days, we have already adapted to the world during the lockdown. However, we must think about what will happen when it is finally over, even if that's far away from happening. There are certain clothing stores that have already thought about this and have been developing clothing for the world post-coronavirus. It seems that rave clothing will very likely become a trend because some designers have already come up with some  juicy news.

Production Club has revealed its latest design: a raven suit made specifically for the pandemic. When you see it for the first time, you feel like you're at least 100 years in the future. Who could have imagined that we'd have to design suits like these to avoid getting sick? Now we can stop imagining it because it is already a reality. 

A new fashion era is approaching thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us in many ways, and it has done it without discrimination. However, let's think positively, and let's see what we can do while things get better. Once people see how cool  cyberpunk and  rave clothing styles are, they will very likely become a trend, and that fact will let a new fashion era begin.

Whenever people see the new pandemic-proof raving suit from Production Club, it will very much likely become very popular. The company says that social gatherings of all kinds are important, that's the reason why they have developed this design.

Being so far from our loved ones can affect us negatively, and taking care of our mental health is important. Although we currently have to stay at home, we hope that in the following months more companies come up with rave clothing designs like this one so we can keep adapting to the world post-coronavirus pandemic.

If we keep following the preventive measurements, we'll be attending our favorite bands and singers' concerts in little time. These suits will make this easier because they will allow us to keep going through our lives 'normally' while things calm down. Also, they're pretty good looking, don't you think? Let's see what else happens regarding this kind of clothing in the short-term!

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