The greatest trance party in the US is back with the new edition of Dreamstate SoCal. The 2-Day festival is celebrating its fifth year and returning to the venue where it all started.

San Bernardino’s NOS Events Center will be home to two mind-numbing days of non-stop trance music. The official dates are Friday and Saturday, November 22 and 23 and tickets are available for one or both days.


Trance Roots

According to the official website, Dreamstate has its roots in the underground LA music scene. Founder Pasquale Rotella attended many concerts and loved the positivity that came out of the trance community. So, he formed Insomniac which produces dance music festivals in the US and around the world. According to Rotella, the philosophy behind this festival is “seeing beauty and inspiration everywhere you look.

Elaborate stage sets and artistic installations create all the beauty and inspiration needed to enjoy ethereal rhythms and energetic beats. Fans also show up dressed in bright-colored rave clothing and wear different types of accessories to take part in the atmospheric setting. For instance, simply wearing a neon tank top or some kaleidoscope glasses is enough to blend in to the show.

Classic Acts and New Surprises

This year’s line-up is full of the best names in the industry. Musicians such as Paul van Dyk, John O’Callaghan, and Markus Shulz are making a much-anticipated appearance. Also, producer Gareth Emery will include a special laser show by laser designer Anthony Garcia. Another much talked about performance is Sander van Doorn’s ‘Purple Haze’ project which takes on a darker approach to trance.

The music continues through the night with back-to-back sets by Fables, Ashley Smith vs. Maria Healey, and Pathfinders. Notably, the project of a collaboration between John Askew and Activa, AA meeting’ make their debut. The live set will include 16 never heard before tracks. Standerwick & ReOrder also present their energetic dance project 'Skypatrol'.

Additionally, Dreamstate SoCal 2019 sees the return of many veterans and their familiar brands of dub, techno, and trance music. The Space Brothers, a collaboration between Stephen Jones and Ricky Simmonds, present atmospheric beats and hypnotizing visuals. Also appearing is fan-favorite and eccentric Yoji Biomehanika, also called ‘Mutant DJ’. Crowds get hyped when Yoji's hardcore beats begin pounding through the airwaves. These and many more classics are good enough of a reason to live the full dual-night experience of the festival.


Dreamstate SoCal Comes Back Refreshed

Dreamstate promises an experience on par with the most well-known European electronic and trance rave festivals. Although the biggest trance party in the US has received some criticism on previous editions. For instance, some fans complained that the artists didn’t flow into each other smoothly. Dreamstate offers a diverse range of genres in its lineup. Therefore, it is important to dedicate special attention to how each performer fades into the next. Thus, Dreamstate focused on creating seamless transitions between acts.

Fresh faces also represent another improvement from past editions. Apart from the return of veterans Ace Ventura, Astrix, and Blastoyz, there is also a diverse lineup of new projects to keep things interesting.


A Great Experience For All

Dreamstate SoCal aims to make the festival experience as secure and inclusive as possible. Part of being able to enjoy the music freely is feeling safe and surrounded by a community that cares. Dreamstate’s response to this need is Ground Control, a group of volunteers whose job is to make sure fans have a great time. As described on the Insomniac website:

“Easily recognizable and always approachable, they welcome each and every Headliner through the festival gates, and strive to ensure that every guest leaves with a smile and a longing for the next event.”

A support service is also available called Project #OpenTalk which is dedicated to providing an open ear to headliners. Trained staff can talk through questions about drugs, sex or anything else that may come up during the festival. Insomniac is a partner of the Drug Policy Alliance and their #SaferPartying campaign along with Healthy Nightlife to create the best environment possible.  

One of the things about Dreamstate that makes it so unique is its blending of electronic music and fans. The trance community has gained reputation for their openness to musicians' experimentation with new rhythms. Specifically, the rave festival gathers various genres ranging in energy-level which open up new perceptions for fans. After all, the spirit of this festival and the philosophy behind it will surely convert all non-believers.  

Tickets for Dreamstate SoCal are for sale on the official website. 2-Day GA tickets start at $125 and 2-Day VIP tickets start at $250 (taxes and fees not included).