There are many different styles and patterns of leggings from basic solid colors to vibrant colorful designs. Depending on your style, printed leggings may not be in your wardrobe at the moment, but we are here to show how you can wear them in style at the same time. It only takes a little bit of inspiration and creativity.
Black leggings seem to be the go-to style as you cant go wrong with them and they pair nicely with just about anything. However, there are many designs and prints that you can choose from and it’s not as hard to style them as you might think. It is all about balance and flattering your body shape. So how do you style printed leggings and know what to wear with them? 

Balance - The idea is to bring a solid primary colored top or a top with complementing simple design and color to pair with the pattern. For example, if you have a pair of black and white leggings on, wear a solid black or white shirt with it. They will complement each other without looking too busy. For a more outstanding look with vibrant colored leggings, a solid black or white with a bit of color that accents the patterned leggings can slay the look for everyday streetwear.
leggings outfit

Dress to your body shape - We are all different shapes and sizes so picking a silhouette that complements it is important. If you are a pear shape, having a longer top would benefit you here. 

Layer up - Layering your look will give you a sophisticated style and gives you the opportunity to make your patterned leggings stand out. If you were to pair black and red patterned leggings with a black top, leather jacket, and boots, you will be rocking the edgy look with ease. For music festivals during fall and winter a colorful cropped hoodie or reflective jacket will pair wonderfully with kaleidoscopic leggings. 
alternative fashion

Accessorize - Spice up your look with unique accessories that complement your leggings design. Are you wearing galaxy leggings? Pair it with moon choker and galaxy earrings. Trippy leggings for a rave look? Match it with a holographic harness or belt and matching masks. Cyberpunk leggings? Slay it in the streets with a leather waist cincher, crop top, and studded belts or chained necklaces for a kickass look.
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Don’t be afraid to play with textures either! There are so many opportunities to style your patterned leggings with jean jackets, leather, suede, metallic, faux fur, and more. You can treat patterned leggings just like any other clothing piece in your wardrobe. You can create so many outfits from just one pair of patterned leggings. 

There are so many ways patterned leggings can be worn. They can fit anyone's style and be worn in so many different ways. So, don’t be intimidated by patterned leggings, they can give you an amazing confidence boost that you can rock anywhere. Next time you come across patterned leggings in the store, grab them and try them on. You might be surprised at how you love the look of them!